The Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission is a public agency devoted to advocating, supporting and promoting the arts for more than 40 years. 


The City of Sacramento, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, a division of the City of Sacramento Convention and Cultural Services Department, invites artists and artist teams to submit their qualifications for a technology-focused interior wall hanging or freestanding artwork in the North Natomas Library, a branch of the Sacramento Public Library, located at 4660 Via Ingoglia, Sacramento, CA 95835.  The selected artist / artist team will design, fabricate, and install the technology-focused artwork along the entrance lobby wall(s) of the North Natomas Library.  Submissions for this opportunity will stay on file as part of Sacramento's pre-qualified artist database for tech-focused artwork.  


If selected, the lead artist will be awarded a total budget (including all artist’s costs and expenses) of $110,000 for the design, fabrication, and installation of the interior technology-focused artwork.  As part of the project, the artist must hold at least one public presentation at the North Natomas Public Library where the artist will discuss the work created and the technology presented within the artwork.  Artist’s budget should include a warranty for maintenance and service of the artwork for two years after installation. To be negotiated and agreed upon in the artist contract with the City, after the two-year warranty period, the artist will suggest an ongoing maintenance proposal detailing hourly costs and services provided. 


The lead artist or artist team will work with library and neighborhood stakeholders to hear about their interests and discuss audience for the artwork.

The project is a pilot project for Sacramento to explore tech-focused artwork, its benefits, variations, and limitations. The eventual work should be designed to last 10 years, at which point the selected artist will describe in the required maintenance plan, the artist’s recommendations after the initial 10-year installation period. Design proposal and maintenance plan are not requested for this call to artists and will only be required once the artist has been selected. 

The site is the entrance hallway of the North Natomas Library. The work should be designed to either hang on the wall or be free-standing in such a way to not block pedestrian traffic into the library. However, since no proposal is requested at this stage, the artist will be selected based on their experience and quality of past artwork. While not all past work is required to be tech- focused, the artist’s past work should demonstrate an ability to successfully produce and deliver a tech-focused work. 

Technology-focused artwork is not defined specifically. High-tech or low-tech approaches are acceptable and will be considered. Artwork involving digital screens, LED lights, AI, computers, vibrations, sound (appropriate for library), or other sensory technology explorations are encouraged. There is no limit or criteria regarding the type of technology implemented. Works providing educational or sensory experiences are encouraged. 


A selection panel will review submissions and identify an artist or artist team to undertake the project.   The composition of the selection panel members may vary but will typically include a member of the Arts Commission, a curator or arts administrator, an artist, a neighborhood stakeholder, and a participating agency stakeholder.  

If awarded the project commission, the lead artist will be required to attend periodic meetings in Sacramento, present concept proposals to the selection panel and Arts Commission, and attend community meetings as required. The selected artist or artist team will be responsible for overseeing the design and installation of the commissioned artwork and for working cooperatively with the project stakeholders, city staff, and consultants. 


The chosen artist / artist team will be selected according to the following criteria:

· Innovation, quality, and creativity in previous projects / artwork

· Demonstrated experience and professional practice with technology-focused artwork

· Experience and success in creating a public artwork in collaboration or cooperation with city agencies and community stakeholders 

· Interest in site specific installations and responsiveness of previous artwork to exhibited locations


The project is open to experienced professional artists. The final commission will be awarded based on experience in design and tech-focused artwork. Due to the skill required to produce and maintain a technology-based artwork, previous experience with public art or site-specific art is required for selection. Artist teams should have proven experience that demonstrates the team’s professional experience in creating projects together for exhibition or commissions. Professional artists living in the Sacramento area are encouraged to apply. 


The entire submission must be completed on Submittable at . There is no application fee to apply or to use Submittable. To apply, register a username and password, and follow the instructions. The call is listed as the City of Sacramento, North Natomas Library Tech Project. All requirements listed below must be met or the application will not be considered. 

· Artist Statement: (Maximum 250 words) Include a general introduction to your work. Discuss the concepts and ideas you explore in your artwork and how these ideas and issues are presented. If you are applying as a team, the letter should clearly describe the contribution of each collaborator. Teams may present an artist statement up to 350 words maximum.

· Resume: (Maximum 2 pages) Outline your recent experience and accomplishments as an artist. If applying as a team, each member may submit a separate one-page resume.

· Samples of your work - a maximum of ten (10) files: digital images in jpg, pdf, and tiff format are all acceptable with corresponding titles to match the Support Description list. Each file should highlight only one project. 

· Support Description list: (Maximum 2 pages) For each image/file submitted, list the title, date, size, and medium for studio work. For public art projects include a description, location, budget, and commissioning organization (if applicable). 

· References: Include the name, title, phone number, email, and mailing address of three references who are able to speak about your work in public art with or without community collaboration. 

· Technology-focused artwork approach: (Maximum 250 words) Briefly describe your approach to technology-focused artwork and some preliminary thoughts on how you might approach this project specifically. 


Donald Gensler, Project Manager, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Art in Public Places, or call 916-808-8493.